Pablo Oquendo II

Pablo Oquendo II, Lorain High School Class of 2021, Central State University

Pablo Oquendo II will be attending Central State University to major in Computer Science and minor in Music Technology and Recording. Pablo is focused on achieving his career goal to become an accomplished professional violinist in an orchestra and compose music for various artists in various genres. Pablo aspires to perform solo repertoire that ranges from classical, contemporary, jazz, and more. He understands the positive power of using music to uplift others. Pablo expressed, "I want to use my skills and experiences to educate people and to influence others to follow their passions no matter how difficult their roads may be." His career interests also expand beyond music. Pablo desires to open a karate dojo to show kids like him how to defend themselves physically and mentally against any type of adversity. Pablo also wants to use technology alongside karate and music to entertain, educate, and inspire the generation that follows.